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Thank you for your support!! All Customized Massage Appointments are now on sale! If you have fallen off the books in the past few months or would simply like to support a local small business during this time then this is a great way to grab a few extra appointments at our lowest rate available which is considered the “Pre-Book” price. This is the perfect chance for every client to get the best discount that we offer and contribute to the success of local small businesses during this time. It’s time to HOARD some massage appointments!!!!! Grab as many appointments as you like and stock up and save!!! BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! If you buy 2 sessions or more during this special you will also have the option to receive 1 free upgrade for aromatherapy or an extra 10 minutes of reflexology added to all of your sessions purchased in this Sale! Hurry and Stock up today!

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We are a small private practice of holistic therapists & counselors. Our goal is to help you find your key to wellness so that you can live your best life possible. At Key of Life Wellness we help set goals & develop care plans designed for your individual needs & what you want to accomplish.

The purpose of most therapies are to heal or alleviate symptoms of a concerning issue or condition. At Key of Life Wellness our therapists & counselors will help you attain your personal goals & overcome challenges, illnesses & conditions that may be affecting your personal daily life.

Our highly educated & trained massage therapists can help you effectively relieve pain associated with sedentary work environments, over use of particular muscle groups due to intense work out regimens, or to just help with relaxation. Our therapists are dedicated practitioners to the art & craft of massage & the beneficial effects they help their clients achieve everyday.

Tracey Beaty, MA. LPC. is a licensed professional counselor with over 27 years of mental health experience. She offers counseling for adults in the management of mood disorders, trauma & anxiety by utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as Mindfulness Techniques. Tracey’s specialty is working with adult children of adoption and the issues and feelings that can surface from being adopted such as abandonment and anxiety. She can be reached for initial consultations & appointments at




We NEVER charge monthly membership fees!

Wonderful introductory rates as low as $55 for your first hour!

Great priced packages that never expire & can be shared with friends & family!

5% OFF packages when purchased in the store!

Single session discounts when pre-booking your appointment!

Session are full 60 minutes and not 50 minute hours.

We never rush clients in and out and also take extra time to listen to your needs during every session!


*Refund policy: All purchases are final upon payment by purchaser. No refunds are issued for packages & services paid once purchased.

**$50 fee for all records requested by third party must be paid by in full by client who’s records are requested. Payment must be made in full & records are given to client to give to third party. Key of Life Wellness does not accept insurance or releases records with out payment prior to release of information.